I got up early today cuzĀ  I’m so well rested from yesterday and watched my favorite porn all morning.

Why am I telling you this? Because I get calls everyday from folks with unusual fetishes who ask, “Is there something wrong with me?” or, ‘I’m weird huh?”

Baby if you are weird then I am a total freak. Some of you know that most of my fantasies (and the porn I like) is illegal. Seriously illegal. When a guy with foot fetish asks me if he’s weird and I think back to the hours of Russian/German rape porn I watch…what am I going to say to that? Yeah dude you are a serious weirdo…nevermind I like to watch girls being realistically kidnapped and forced to do every nasty thing you can think of. I’m so outrageous in my fantasies that I play every part. One minute I want to be the abductor and the next I’m the victim. In my head.

Some things are just better left to fantasy, I’m guessing my particular tastes should be, since I value my freedom. But pardon me if I laugh out loud the next time I hear how shamed some are for really vanilla fantasies…I cannot support your shame, for I have none.

Found a great series on xvideos.com “The Kidnapping 1-7”, best part is there isnt so much talking since I don’t understand Russian (thinking about it just for this purpose) its not so distracting. HOT HOT HOT.