It was planned for almost a month. The perfect session…careful and thoughtful preparation was about to launch on a holiday weekend. From the initial email until this moment, our communication was outstanding. He complied with all requests for information, shared his thoughts and ideas and showed amazing enthusiasm for his session (without sounding like a wanker, just a cool guy!). THIS was how I knew it was going to be fun, THIS was why I invested so much time in coordinating his event. He followed every request with ease. He paid the deposit very early so I could have confidence in the planning of his affair, so I could facilitate the picture in his head. He called it the “bucket list” session.

He wanted a full transformation…and trusted ME to make him the hottest bitch in town. He shopped for his outfit early, and sent me updates on his choices. He shaved most of his body in the final days of anticipation. He bought a “toy” to “stretch” and let me know of his progress. The buildup for this session was WEEKS in the making.

As we planned…a new idea emerged. What about adding a TS to our evening of activity? Hmmmmm…….YES. Lets. So I set out on the hunt for a hottie who can really function (another blog another time). Found her last week and worked out the details well in advance. Timing for this session was everything as it was after work on a Friday and the awesome lady we hired for dessert had a performance across town that evening. This was going to take some magic. But…when I want something I want it done right! So…I found a private taxi driver and prearranged her transportation so the timing was guaranteed. Oh yes I DID.

5pm Bucket List session begins. He arrives. He’s brought a cute skimpy outfit and refreshments. I prepared early for all his makeup/hair needs and had everything ready. We spent the next hour/hour and a half chatting and telling stories while I made him beautiful. I was seeing the finished product but he wasn’t allowed to see himself until the final reveal. We chose shoes from my collection. We couldnt decide between two pair of black heels and some cute boots. Heels won. He casually mentioned that he thought long hair would be best. I had new hair…the first try we found the right hair. SEXY BIOTCH. This was one of the most amazing transformations I’ve done in a long while. Almost hairless, thin, and cute as hell…this guy turned into the fabulous Marci! Usually I say the eyelashes make the girl. In this case…the hair was IT. The outfit, fully accessorized, was on point! Black and red and slut to the fullest!

After 2 hours of primping…here comes our main attraction and entertainment. The TS arrives exactly on time and looking beautiful, as I knew she would. Marci and I had discussed her concern that TS’s cock may be large and she would need some prep. OK. That sounds like my fun…

I introduce Marci to her first real fuck. “Hi, nice to meet you sexy bitch, wanna suck this big black cock?” I think Marci and I were both a little surprised at the size of this dick on a pretty lil lady! And, just like the slut she is, Marci went right to suckin. No protest there…what a whore! LOL LOL LOL

So now Marci is on all fours, suckin a big black dick, with her ass up in the air just beggin me to penetrate her with something. We all know shes a horny slut and so did she in that moment you can bet. Ass was BEGGING for it. TS and I laughed at how horny Slutty Marci was wriggling her ass in the air. I lubed her up and played with a graduated toy. She was going to need the warm up for that big dick comin her way. I have to say, I really enjoyed watching Marci suck that dick. TS remarked on Marci’s cocksucking abilities, she didnt need very much guidance.

I chuckled at the squeal Marci made when that big dick entered her fully and fucked her hard. I made sure everyone remembered that Marci isnt allowed to touch her own cock, she needed to last through playing with me after this  proper TS fucking. Marci looked like she was in heaven…

Does Marci need, or deserve, a break after being a TSs holewhore? hell no…but she had honored the ‘no touching your cock’ rule through a real fuck. That deserves some love right? You betcha…..

Wanna know one thing that makes strap better than the real thing? I can stay hard and take my time…

Another one…I can focus all my attention on making your balls beg for release. BEG. FOR. RELEASE.

And so…as Marci’s reward for being a perfect lil fuckhole…I tease and fuck her until she explodes. Perfect Friday evening…I love my life.

We spent the next hour cleaning off the Marci to reveal the guy I’ve gotten to know this evening…what a great guy! Somewhere around 9:30…he sauntered off into the night looking satisfied.

I received the following email:

“I hope you had as much fun as I did. I know I had at least 5 times separate individual orgasms that I can count. I am pretty sure there are two or three more mixed in there that are unaccounted for…by the way I had two orgasms with that black dick in my ass. Couldn’t help myself. Then at least three or four more times with you. Each one separate and each one more intense than the other. Thanks for everything you did to make our evening together a really fun adventure.”


He said he’s looking forward to reading this blog…hope I did alright. The names have been witheld to protect the perverted. Now, I wait to see what he says here :) FUN FUN FUN!!