Sometimes, when few respond to posts, I stop posting for a few days. Maybe I’m pouting???

Anyway, I got a call tonight from a guy who reads my posts everyday and looks for something new. I havent posted anything in a few days…sorry. Its good to be reminded that folks are reading.

I’m wondering…why dont some of you ask questions? Then I will know what you, and probably others, are curious about. Prolife, Reallife…whatever. Ask me something dammit :)

And…to the guy who called. “mini sessions” no…I cant do fun stuff on a time schedule, everyone knows I run long (sometimes VERY long) on my sessions. I can however, if you are flexible on the TIME of day¬†of the session, be flexible on the donation if I grow to like you here on my blog. That means…you gotta respond. I’m willing to invest my time in those who are truly interested in what I’m about and want to have FUN.