Well…after a year of service it has finally happened. My personal submissive has been SO naughty that I will have to implement physical discipline to correct this behavior. I’m NOT a sadist…so this will suck for me…but it must be done. If he does NOT accept this discipline…he cannot prove to me that he has learned a VITAL lesson in continuing as my personal.

I set the time days in advance so he can THINK about what he has done…and decide whether he wants to continue in service or not. If he submits to his discipline, he can redeem himself and maintain my trust. If he doesn’t, he is choosing to disengage our relationship. Yes…it is that serious.

I’ll give him choices…either the large and heavy black paddle…or my large leather strap. My choice…how many. My choice, ginger figged or no. My choice, soap cleaned mouth or not.

Lessons in life…must be learned.