Over a year ago…a slut visited for hur first full transformation and forced bi. And then, she’s been a huge whore ever since…reporting all sorts of deviant fun across North America since. So…when she said she would be visiting again this year, I knew I needed to have some real fun with hur this year. Who did I ask to play with us? Duh…HitachiMan, in full latex is FIERCE, cant pass that opportunity up.

The evening before our playtime, slut Jennie stopped by for wardrobe decisions and I talked her into a chastity device-

And then we were off to dinner…great dinner, great company!

Jennie agreed to wear the CB6000 overnight until hur date with Hitachi and I the next night    TEE HEE HEE HEE





She arrived an hour earlier than our special guest…wardrobe, eyelashes, fun! When Hitachi arrived we moved right into rope work and eventually a fierce hogtie with rewards…


And somewhere between 6pm and 3am…I was happy for a beverage break, NONSTOP activity.


 I love my life.

One of the 100 things that makes Hitachi cool is that he teaches me stuff…expands my brain. GOOD TIMES!!!!