I got a call from an expectant east coaster that gave me a moment to pause, consider, and scoff. He begins the conversation with, “I’ve waited YEARS to find YOU”. Ok… now you have, so whats up?

He tells me he is looking for a PERMANENT chastity arrangement…a long term mistress, and NO options for release, ever. He tells me he has been in chastity for several months at a time in the past and he is intrigued to see if he can push his limits to the permanent arena. Now…you all know me, at this point I have a million questions. I share with him that I have had boys in chastity devices for short and long term timeframes and I’ve learned a few things about what is necessary to make the experience fun and successful for both of us.

When will you be visiting to install the device?

How often will you visit for release?

His Answer? Never…

His Plan… to freeze the only key in ice with a distinct mark on the ice and send me pictures daily. His idea is that I will be so engrossed in the fact that a man is “so devoted to me and only me” that in person contact isnt needed. HA HA HA HA HA.

I share with him the things I know:

1. If I dont know you I cant sustain interest in your package, no matter what condition it is in. I’m not that focused on a stranger’s cock to really give a shit whether he’s in a holding pattern without an orgasm. What would be the point if I cant release the dick to play with it?

2. If there is no playtime whatsoever…I’m bored already.

3. Chastity is best left to those with a strong connection and good communication.

4. Chastity makes men “devoted”, which really looks like constant emails, texts, and discussion of what it will take to get playtime. Bordering on harrassment and consuming all of my patience. This better be one hell of a guy.


Then he shares that he is interested in writing a book and would need me to ‘be discreet’ about our relationship.He wants to keep a diary and wants me to keep one too.  Translation: I cant talk about it here.  There was NO discussion on how he planned to motivate me to stay his key holder PERMANENTLY ( I didnt ask and waited for him to bring it up, he never did).

I ask…who was your keyholder in the past? Well, typical story, he had a mistress in the past that he was her dungeon slave and housekeeper as compensation for her services. She retired and left him without a keyholder…

So…just to clarify, he was in a working trade relationship with this mistress 20 years ago or so…he wasnt getting anything for free then either. He made it worth her while with the sweat off his balls.

But this is a new decade…and he has new expectations it seems.

So I should be jumping at the chance to be a silent and impotent long distance non-keyholding mistress who is motivated by the IDEA alone of having a stranger in chastity (in theory and by pictures alone) that I will never meet. Awesome, thats a special kind of selfishness! I ended the call and he said, “I hope to hear from you soon”. Right…yer on speed dial dude.


As only Bondage Boy and FBB  really know, I expect all boys in chastity to keep a diary and record keeping regarding urges and behavior. I also expect them to STOP being the focus of the kink. Just because your cock is in a cage doesnt mean it also has a spotlight. If your cock wasnt the focus of my day before…it surely wont be the focus after. The WHOLE POINT of chastity is to remove your cock from the priority list for you and I alike.

For me…the fun of the kink is the release/play date, without that…I’m not interested.