A saying to live by…IF IT DONT APPLY LET IT FLY. in other words, if this isnt you…dont be offended. If it is…time to sack up!


Alright, you know I rarely post stuff here that isnt Fortunes related…but I absolutely must tell this story and since I’ve had 600+ hits here in two weeks… having you read this will make me feel better! Maybe someone will STAND UP!

I went to AZ Mills Mall to check out SeaLife with my fav person, nephew. We decide to get dinner and cruize over to the food court. Get our food, pick our spot, we’re chillin. Panda Express is always the bomb.

The CUTEST little girl waddles past, she’s maybe almost 2. CUTE as a button, this little toddler. She babbled something at me and kept on pushin…waddlin down the aisle. Ok, cool, hi kid..back to eating dinner. About 5 minutes later…CUTENESS, as we will call her here…strolls on past again. This time…I notice, scan, nobody seems to be looking for her. She’s happily walking around the seated area at the food court, minding her own business…I’m watchin. She’s strolls up to strangers, laughs, keeps on pushin. She’s very busy. I’m watching…eyes have not left CUTENESS. We’re now on about 10 minutes of my full attention. I’m scanning…noone seems to be missing a CUTENESS. Hmmmmm…Ok, well shes safe as long as I have my eye on her…she doesnt seem distressed that shes missing…maybe the person who should be looking for her is sitting right here in the mix. I’m watchin…

I notice that several people are now aware of CUTENESS’s lack of adult companionship. From across the foodcourt (rather large at AZ MILLS) I made eye contact with 4 other people who were aware of the situation. CUTENESS is happily on tour…until…she makes a quick left turn and is out of eyesight and headed down the mall, the furthest point across the food court from my eyes. I’m up…I’m purposeful…and I rein in CUTENESS. At this point, people definitely notice. I’m hard to miss when I mean it. I scan…anyone looking for this little girl? Finally, mom comes to the scene…and I recognize her as a woman who was sitting on the opposite end of the court. Um…OK, I can explain YOUR fucktard status. I’m not even pissed at this mom, she wouldnt get it anyway…I pity her when she’s on TV saying, “I dont know how it happened…I only turned away for a second”. Right…whatever. Here’s my RANT.

I am FOR SURE that at least 4 other adults within that patch of grass knew what the fuck was up and did not leave their seats. WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA???

Are we that passive/lazy/scared/jaded/selfish/just dont care?

Really? Guess I was lucky to be raised by people who did the RIGHT thing by people, for their own good, even if it meant a sacrifice (keeping in mind the ultimate sacrifice in this situation is what…missing  dinner for a fucking minute? real committment needed there…).

Thats the way shit goes down folks…right in front of our faces because the bad guys knows we are too lazy as a whole to stand up, knows we are too preoccupied with our new trinkets (ooo shiny pretty), knows that we are too scared of “getting sued/involved” to do SHIT about most anything. We’d watch our favorite neighbors car being stolen…just being REAL folks. Ridiculous.

Well…I say. Um. Fuck THAT. I’ma do as I always do, which is exactly as it should be done. Period. I’ve lived ALOT of life…I’m not walking down the street and ignoring someone being assaulted. I’m reacting. DOING…I’m not jumpin in…but I am NOT scared to be SEEN and  MEANING it.

I’m also not scared to be the ONE. Everybody sees CUTENESS…whos going to be the ONE to do something?… We all sit passively…waiting for the ONE. Really? Should have been 5 standin up at once and find out whats going on! But that’s OK…I got this one, yall sit back and enjoy the meal you couldnt possibly peel your ass away from.

 I already know how this current culture we have plays out in these situations…I’ve been studying us for awhile. I’ve been in locked rooms with the REAL motherfuckers you dont want around your kids around…we’re not talkin the neighborhood child molester on probation (obviously bad too). I’m talking about people who willfully plan out horrific events that end lives. Little Lives. I’m talking about the real McCoy, fuckers,you  better listen UP!  You didnt notice the guy drinkin the same cup of coffee at the food court at the mall  for the past 3 hours… right after school got out…cuz, you were only there yourself for 5 minutes. Noone notices him…we’re all very busy. very very busy WAY too busy to be keeping an eye on each other in a GOOD way. Right. Plenty of time to hate eyeball the hottie…no time to track the CUTENESS.  This bullshit of looking right through something your gut tells you is fucked up and then saying, “OMG why did that happen?”  has got to stop.

Obviously, Fucktard mom of CUTENESS wasn’t able to handle the job…seems to me CUTENESS should be able to rely on the 100+ adults around her for safety…nope. We’re too busy/lazy/scared.  Real Talk.