Recently I had an occasion to give thought from YOUR perspective and I thought I’d share my thoughts…

On married and playing. Is it cheating? What is my role and responsibility?

A super cool guy I’ve talked to online and met in person, by accident, emailed me and aksed if he could make an appointment…but he was hesitant. He’s married to a great chick and they have a open communication type marriage. You know, the kind of marriage we all strive for that allows for playtime with others. However, the rules they’ve set up for themelves would preclude visiting me. He asks…would it bother me and would I think of him poorly if he was “cheating”?

Hmmm….that was something I had not thought of…it never occurred to me that you guys wonder what I think about such things. Most of you who visit are married…but noone has ever asked me before if I think he’s a jerk for cheating. I assume that grown folks are handling their own business and its not really my role to have an opinion.

ME??? Point the Finger???? Never!!!









In truth, I dont identify what we do as “cheating” at all. In my world, cheating is when you have sex with someone other than your significant other, or when you have an emotional attachment with another.  This…isnt the same at it?

I see myself as a facilitator of your fantasy…slipping in and out of different roles to fulfill a need. Strap on isnt sex like real sex, is it? Maybe I’m skewed…maybe my perspective has swayed and is self serving…or maybe I’m dead on. I have no way of knowing one marriage’s boundaries from another and trust me…everyone has a different agreeement within their marriage, some conservative and many are negotiated. I dont ask cuz its none of my business…and I most definitely dont judge any of you. Period.

I see myself in a fluid facilitation role…and I support you in fantasy.