I realize that in the last few months things on this blog seem to be getting more and more extreme. It all happened when this guy started communication about a visit. He asked questions related to “I’m not sure you are extreme enough” etc. and I gave some hard thought about of all the crazy things that happen around these parts…why wasnt I blogging them?


Here’s why: You guys get scared. Thats right. I said it.




(Notice how Intimidating I am here!!)

Everyone has their own kink and usually dont “get” someone else’s kink. So…I notice that when a guy who loves squirting sees BB in a leather hood gettin tagged with a huge dildo he says, “Holy Shit this Bitch is Crazy” and they automatically assume that I insist in all these extreme measures for everybody.

Nah bra, that isnt the deal. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own unique taste. Levels of “Extreme” are completely relative. I once met a man with a “hard limit” on tickling. *ggghem clear throat* PUSSY.

But lets get real, would this blog be as entertaining?  I’m taking a risk letting you inside to see…so take your brave pill and remember…