I have this great 24 hour session coming up….planning planning. I cant resist telling you SOMETHING, but I’m also not going to give too many clues about all the various awesome things I have in store for this individual….I am however…going to post the list of things he already knows about.

THIS is the kind of session I live for!


 Copied from email: 

Ok…I’ve gone back and read ALL our emails with an eye for detail, please check for accuracy as this is the template that I will be working from to make this a reality.
 No safe word is OK with me because ultimately I’m responsible for your safety throughout anyway. I’m fine with you not having an out. HOWEVER, I had one experience that taught me…if you FIGHT ME HARD…I will end the fantasy and…I will protect my safety at all costs. So…if you want to struggle and all that, great. If you look like you are trying to free yourself to switch places or hurt me, I will use a taser and call in the national guard. And thusly, you will also understand that Noir will be in and out during your time here as well as other safety reinforcers along the way. All of this will of course not violate your limits listed below.
Now…you need to order the rest of the supplies EXCEPT the acrylic nail kit. I will get the one I like…
The items on this list in bold/italic impact your budget. Obviously, I will keep track of your Moneypak contributions and when we know have solidified WHEN/HOW LONG/PARTICIPANTS we’ll know what my expectations are.
Day and Night, maybe an entire weekend
Somewhere between Last week in Jan & March
Maids Dress- Ordered
long full length gloves
high heels
latex hood w/cat eyes and ponytail- Ordered
Makeup (drag/showgirl)
No Safe Word option
Tranformation- eyebrows/makeup/piercing/acrylic nails
Shave legs/genitals
Piercing- fantasy=ears, nipples,penis and tongue reality=penis/perineum
Sitting naked on a chair with device inside me and hands tied for nails
Forced to reapply own lipstick
Pain/Torture to persuade
Forced into bondage/Collar and Lock/continuous bondage throughout session
Mean girls force to wear cheerleader outfit/boots
Bound in full transformation while other sessions occur in another room
Condom of cum “all sluts chew gum”
Cum- in condom/glass in/on you forced consumption
Forced to act Fem and be a dirty slut
Forced clean up after sessions
Glory Hole (privately created)
Made to Beg
No showers
No other men seeing you/no pubic
Ridicule and shame
permanent tattooing
piercings other than Penis/Perineum
Feelings associated with Activities
No cooperation
No Free Will
Locked Up
No one cares
No Safe Word
So, doesnt this sound about TOO fun?
Whos comin to visit to donate a moment for the Glory Hole?   Only known folks…noone new to me can participate in this awesome fun!
And now…you realize WHY you need to be my friends right?