I’ve been dealing with Backpage.com kicking my pictures and words off for a LONG time…but now I believe they are using new software that is kicking whole ads off. What does this tell me? Law enforcement is hitting them up…I know for sure I’ve gotten more LE calls.

So, the rule: dont talk to me about $, ever. I have everything posted on www.missfortunes.com for a reason!

I had a call yesterday that seemed perfect. Called to make the appointment, little discussion. Then..he says, “I’m at the ATM, how much should I get out.” Now, in all probability this guy is a real client, a real dude. However, this was a big NO NO. Obviously, LE is tricky. Also obvious, is linking behavior with $…I’ve no idea what to do but stick with the rule. The one time I assume, oh this guy just is ‘new” and doesnt know the ropes…I’m in trouble and not having fun anymore. So…I ignored him even though he was just around the corner. He texts me that his “time is valuable”, implies that I’ve wasted his time. He texts me that I’ll lose clients being so inflexible. OK. Maybe I will, but they are the kind of clients who take unneccessary risks and therefore not the kind I’m looking for I guess.

I take no joy in ignoring people, saying “sorry you fucked it up”. ..cuz I’m not getting to play either. But…my freedom is more important than any dollar. True Dat!