I haven’t been in town for a week, in part because my very dear friend was here from Portland and in part because I’ve been needed at home more than usual. It’s funny how everything happens exactly as its supposed to because these events coincided with me discovering that the heat wasn’t working at the playspace. So, I decided that this is the perfect time to strip the space completely for thorough cleaning. My friends helped dismantle everything, clean it, and pack it ALL in storage so the entire carpet could be cleaned too.
Those of you that follow this blog might notice that I’ve been kicking around the idea of a finding a new space for over a year. Ive looked for a place that is larger and cooler, that has the same high level of convenience and discretion. So far, Ive not found a place more suited for my/our needs. However, I’ve needed new energy and a new environment…my space changes and improves routinely because I get bored. SOOOOOOOOO…..

Since the space was clean and bare….its time for redecorating. Bondage Boy made a super cool custom build for me and I have new stuff for every room! I really enjoyed my time with my friend and putting her on a plane home yesterday was hard.. but I so needed the vacation and her spirit is uplifting and nourishing!

Tomorrow, the part for the central heat is expected so the heat can be fixed and I will be decorating and LOVING it. Wednesday I hope to be back up and running…I miss my pervert time!

Oh…one more thang…it was FBB’s birthday and we had crazy fun!

Thank you to Bondage Boy for the construction, its awesome!