In September I’m having a birthday. I’ve not celebrated my birthday in MANY years, and this year I’ve been convinced to go ALL OUT.

Where does one go ALL OUT??? In VEGAS of course! A favorite pet  has booked a PHAT room for the weekend of the 24th. YES BABY!! Noir is going…so you know we will be in trouble before the weekend is over. I’m bringin bail $.

You know how usually I’m not all about the $, more about the fun behavior…this is an exception. I’m shamelessly hustling brithday gifts this year.

So…what are my birthday wishes you ask?

I’d love to hear from anyone willing to donate airline miles, show tickets, timeshare credit, body shots off of big boobied strippers (thought I’d sneak that one in), spa credit, etc….

Alfred Sung perfume- the original is still my favorite!

Starbucks giftcards

Barnes and Noble giftcards (or any bookstore, and I really like 2nd hand bookstores, RECYCLE!!!)

BIRTHDAY BAIL FUND for Vegas~ for Paypal, and MoneyPak is EASY.  These donations will probably fund the big boobied stripper body shots as well. I’ll take pictures….Mwahhhh. If everyone sends me $10, I’ll have enough to bail Noir out too.LOL LOL LOL. *we all know I’m joking right? I’ve never been arrested…for anything premeditated. Just sayin.

A guy yesterday brought me a flowering plant. You would have thought he’d brought me a rolex…made me HAPPY. I’m easy to smile :)