Ok…so I have all my silver dollars saved. Now I need to:

1. Find a Dr. I love. Not so easy. Any suggestions?

2. Finish the shape up hardcore. I did alright this last month, lost 15…but the final 30-40 need CARDIO and weight training before I go under the knife.

3. Quit Smoking- I want whatever scarring to heal well and fade away…GOTTA quit the smoking after all these years! I’ma need drugs for this…

4. Stop Tanning- again scars and tanning, I’m guessing not a great mix. So…for the first time in a decade, I’m allowing myself to fade into caucasianville.

I’m targeting February for the boobaliciousness…help me out, ask everyone you know who did their boobs and report back. I need REVEIWS, advice, etc.