So its almost 3am Sat. Morning….and I cant sleep.

Random thoughts at 3 am:

Somewhere in the past 6 months I started¬†fantasizing about strapon while masturbating. That’s new… sometimes, its nonconsental in my fantasies. No shock there I’m sure.

I wish I could install a camera on my forehead so YOU could see what I see during strap play. Then you could watch me fuck you. Better than mirrors!

I wonder how long its been since I had official sex…like real down and dirty my style fuckin. Weeks I know…months? maybe… damn.¬† Why does that shit have to be so hard to come by?

I wish my tanning place was open 24 hours.

Someone asked me how come I dont use strap rigging that has a vibrator for me. Um…I’m already hypersexualized… that cant be good for my concentration. And…I dont like cumming standing up!

Why isnt Starbucks open @ 3?

I’m trying a new workout mix, HemoRage. Um….whoa. Talk about gettin ya goin! Maybe that’s what I’ll do this morning…yup. I’m a hit the gym, I’m up anyway.

Business News: Someone passed fake $ to one of us ProDommes this week. We know who he is… young, educated, described as charming and great personality, hot! I’m considering all the various ways to make his life hell…taking my time to consider options. If he’d done it to me…his bell woulda already been rung.

Classic Hilariousness: Here we have photographic evidence that I play with myself even while sleeping: