I think I’m going to start a new program with the regulars (lovingly referred to as The Happy Pervert Club)…and all others I see with frequent masturbation/overtimulation issues. Homework- Masturbation Logs and Fantasy Charts. Yup. Maybe I’ll do them myself.
Really, we need to stop self gratifying so damned often, especially you porn watching men. By the time you see me…your cock looks shrivelled and abused. I can spot a fellow frequent masturbator…easily. Kinda sad really…
I know, I’ve had to pack the Hitachi away and stop using it. I wasnt able to cum any other way, and then all of a sudden it was difficult for me to orgasm at all! Oh my GOD~ scared the shit out of me. Life without orgasms..thats motivating shit! No more Hitachi for me (except when I wanna squirt of course, lawd…I’d need a man again for that, no way!)

The Masturbation Logs will tell me how often and what times you masturbate. The Fantasy Chart will tell me the subject matter of the fantasy, the strength of it, whether it was an appropriate fantasy or a deviant one, and whether or not you masturbated as a result of the fantasy. All this with a Chastity Device for the non-compliant….is the answer to explosive visits with Miss Fortunes. Yes, I think it will be so!

Fortune’s Law- NOONE IS EVER TO MASTURBATE 24 HOURS BEFORE VISITING ME. The Happy Pervert Club…you all already know my rule. So, for those of you who continue to be unable to comply with this rule, you see before you the eventual consequences…homework and then lock down!