The purpose of this post is to clarify the rules and expectations for one who is under Miss Fortune’s control sexually by means of a chastity device. Everyone of you wonderful perverts have different points of view on all topics, so chastity should be no different. I make no mistake in one extremely important point: whatever Miss Fortune states as a rule is not to be contested.

Historically, female chastity belts were invented by kings, knights and other noblemen to prevent their wives from cheating on them while they were away hunting or fighting battles. Upon their return, they could expect their wives to be hot, writhing, sex-machines ready to satisfy the urges of them both. So expectation number 1 is that both partners want to have sexual activity with each other again. And expectation number 2 is that a chastity device would be removed when the two people are together again.

I consider myself a normal, healthy, red-blooded, American male with all of the expected and stereotypical sexual urges. And I am single, once married with the expectation that my wife would “put-out” any time I wanted sex. Of course, I would be expected to satisfy her, too. My marriage died because my ex had a very low sex-drive and no interest in wonderful deviations and perversions. So I had to resort to extensive masturbation to cope with the stress and relieve my sexual urges. I had a few vanilla girlfriends and a few Dommes to augment my needs along the way. But nothing and no one in my past has had the profound effect that Miss Fortunes has had on me. But I make no mistake I like to masturbate and I like to cum as often as I can. Therefore, I , myself, am the primary enemy for Miss Fortunes to be jealous of. And I am generally a good boy the day or two just before a session because it’s a rule of hers.

So it seems to me that the male that ASKS to be placed in chastity, really doesn’t need it. Think about it. I would never request chastity because I have this wonderful toy attached to my body that I can play with any time I am down, sad, stressed out, or disappointed by another woman. Giving up my primary plaything is a huge sacrifice. If I were to ask to have a chastity device locked on me, then I would be asking to have no control over my cock or sexual urges. I’m not that type of guy. If I were unable to abstain a few days before a play-date, then perhaps I might ask that she hold the only key and I would put the device on a day or two before our next session.

But Miss Fortunes has the right as a dominant woman to REQUIRE me or any of her unwilling playmates to have a chastity device locked on while we are apart. This sets the stage for real domination and submission. I don’t want it and she requires it. I must submit to her requirements or else the relationship ends. There cannot be domination without me giving up control of those things that Miss Fortunes requires. So expectation number 3 is that the one being locked up in a chastity device does NOT like the idea and is only complying with Miss Fortune’s demands because she is more important that me. Complying is always the primary way to show respect and for me, being dominated is a turn-on. So the paradox of chastity for me is that compliance arouses me, which is exactly opposite of what is allowed by the device!

I must remember that Miss Fortunes wants to always have FUN herself. Exactly which of the factors involved with chastity give her the most fun is unclear. So Miss Fortunes, could you tell me? Is it fun putting the device on? Is it fun to leave the device on while sexually exciting me? Is it fun to know that I want it off as soon as possible? Do you still feel the power and control you have over me every minute of every hour of every day as I wait for my next visit with you?

I sent Miss Fortunes a barrage of text messages and emails while in a CB-3000 chastity device a few months ago. The content of these messages boiled down to two main subjects: 1. when are you going to take this thing off? And 2. how many times I had a painful attempted-erection and what sexual thoughts triggered it. It was too many, far too many! So I expect a rule will be “No messages about the chastity device or my cock or my sexual thoughts”. I might also expect a rule that any begging or pleading for release could extend the time I will be required to wait for the next play date.

Dear Miss Fortunes, thank you for allowing me to post this. I expect you to answer the questions directed toward you with a blunt and frank dominating tone. And your comments on the other statements and opinions are always wanted. I know that you enjoy being in total control and a chastity device on me gives you that control even while we are apart. But I would not be honest if I said I liked wearing the device. What I do like, though, is to please you. Your smile and laugh are worth the sacrifice!

For the other readers, please comment. Your thoughts and opinions are very welcome and encouraged. If I am off-base, wrong, or offensive, let me know right away. We learn a lot in these blogs. And we are never too old to learn to be better persons.

Bondage Boy