By now…my coffee addiction is public knowlege. Yes, I am in financial bondage/slavery to Starbucks, Circle K, Folgers, various others. Ive never had a reason to stop drinking coffee and where I’m from you start drinking the nectar of the gods young (like I dunno, 12??) Now…there is a new consideration:

I read somewhere, probably, that coffee makes urine bitter. This would only be important if you happen to be giving/receiving a piss shower.  I do give…so I listened to the advice and starting researching. Indeed, apparently coffee makes pee bitter. Who knew, not me.

Here is the real question… what about Squirt?

Does coffee affect the taste of my squirt. A viable question. Research is needed.

How would we set up the clinical research to answer our question? It would need to be one man taste testing both samples. The samples could not be produced on the same day as one is with coffee consumption and one is with no coffee consumption. This would require a 2 for 1 session technique, right?

Wonder if there is anyone willing to participate in the newest squirting research? Last time we sought to identify the source. Noir has grown tired of wearing the medical uniform…and getting squirted on while trying to discover the source. (OMG we really did that session so many times, and way too much FUN, thanks to all the fun “research assistants” in the past).

This will require a dedicated research assistant. One who can visit on at least 2 occasions to taste samples.

New question: How does Miss Fortunes not drink coffee for an entire morning/day.  Answer: with attitude! :)

Happy Thursday Morning Perverts. Whos comin to taste?