I’ve waited a sufficient time to post this story….waiting for a glitch to resolve itself and keeping my sisters safe.

A couple weeks ago I got a call from USDirectory.com,  you know…the yellow pages. Apparently they have started a new category for escorts and other adult services to advertise on their site and they were offering advertising to me along with others in our area, by phone. The sales lady explained that this is a brand new service for usdirectory…blah blah blah. She was hard selling me…and I hate that so I told her the truth, I’m busy…gimmee the info and I’ll go LOOK at the site and see if its worth my dollar. I didnt realize at the time that we’re talkin the YELLOW pages…like fi real. I NEVER sign up for anything without going and seeing for myself. So, later that night I go look. At that time 12 escorts had signed up, 4 of them TS providers. So…I’m scrolling through the listings, seeing the same girls from BP and then I noticed ADDRESSES on the listings. OMG. no way. couldnt be. must be a mistake.

So, what do I do….  fuck it, I’m calling. So, I called each girl with an address listed. Sure enough, they had signed up over the phone and specifically asked for their billing address not to be published. First call, I talked to a nice young lady who was FREAKED THE FUCK OUT that her home address with apartment number was listed online with her escort profile. She literally freaked out….and I dont blame her. Then she tells me that she got a threatening phone call earlier in the day from a guy saying “you are in an apartment in the back right?”

Next call, same story, didnt know her address was published for 2 days. This girl actually had someone show up at her door unannounced. Crazy scary, folks. The thing about paranoia is that once it starts…it eats you alive. So here both these women were trying to figure out HOW people were finding them, is it an enemy sharing information, is it an angry client posting info…what, where, a total feeling of lack of control which brings FEAR. So…Im sure they both felt better knowing the source and being able to fix it immediately. 

I kept calling, feeling this sense of urgency…I called every provider in AZ with an address listed on that first day. Most had no idea their addresses were listed. Some didnt care because they weren’t current addresses, just previous billing addresses for their CC payments…but one told me she was freaked because the address listed was her father’s home. SCARY.

Then I slept on it. This really really bothered me. Here we have a company used to working with legitimate businesses who WANT their addresses/contact information everywhere dabbling in adult services (making a buck you can bet!) who have NO regard for the special circumstances for these clients. Classic case of exploitation if you ask me. I brewed all night. I could NOT stop thinking about how some woman is going to get hurt over a greedy company’s carelessness.

Next day…I started the days long task of calling every single private provider in the US listed on USDirectory.com with an address listed. YES I DID. Took me 4 days…I stopped calling the escort services since it seems they operate alot like massage parlors and because mostly men answered who didnt seem to care. Consistently across the US, private female providers had no idea their addresses were listed and were shocked. Several women were such complete cunts on the phone when I tried to explain the situation that I gave up and figured Karma is a motherfucker…sorry I tried! I made 4 phone calls to the Florida headquarters to USDirectory.com and spoke with supervisors/managers/and finally director of marketing blah blah. They explained that when someone signs up online there is one check box that needs to be checked for the address to not be published. Um…NOT GOOD ENOUGH in this category assholes! I eventually got my point across when I explained that someone could get murdered for a simple checkbox? really? why is publishing an address even an option in the Escort category??? No answer was good enough at this point…I was PISSED after talking to hundreds (just under 1000 women I called) who had no idea it was online.  When I reminded USDirectory that many many of the women had signed up by phone and that I would consider USDirectory responsible for any harm stemming from their posting addresses for women who asked for their information to be private…I was promptly called ‘overzealous’ by one supervisor on the phone. Yup. Call me what you want idiot, but get all those addresses DOWN.

Now, I check just AZ and the addresses listed currently arent valid. How do I know? Cuz I called. Then I called 1000 more.


You’ve seen other posts from me on this subject. When you see something that needs to be done. Do it. Nothing gained… except…the right thing!