I had the greatest time last night with a new Cuck. His easy energy made for a perfect cuck session! Had the biggest bull on hand…cuck licked and sucked on my bull’s balls, and told me how much he enjoyed keeping that HUGE BBC ready to fuck my pussy!
Heres how it started:
Cuck came over early so he could help me prepare for a fun night. He wanted to get in the queening chair, making several comments about how cool it looked. I made him wait and had him lick my pussy on the throne instead, not as comfortable for him. I knew immediately this cuck has been trained to be an excellent pussy licker! So, I made him take his time and be thorough! Then to the queening chair where I sat on his face and enjoyed a LONG pussy eating and ultimately squirted hard, forcing him to drink it all. Just about then…the bull arrived. Cuck made quick work of getting the BBC ready and took instruction well!
I allowed the cuck under us as we fucked hard doggy. Cuck had told me he wanted to lick my clit in reverse cowgirl, but I didn’t want to give him all his dirty little fantasies right away. Instead, I made him lay under us and lick both of us as we fucked. Heaven, truly wonderful to be licked and sucked while simultaneously being fucked by a huge, fat, 10 inch black cock. Absolute Heaven. I think I must have cum several times but so close together it was like one long orgasm.
What made this whole scene awesome, the personalities involved. No endless, senseless, bad 70s porn diologue…no competing energies, just FUN! Subtle humiliation is way more fun to me than ball busting cuck bullshit. But thats just me.
I flipped over and cuck continued to lick my clit while BBC fucked away. Cuck’s head, right in the way cuz he was suckin on my clit made it impossible for BBC to piledrive into my cunt. This was awesome for me, because this particular BBC is about an inch too long for me and hurts when he pins me down and fucks me hard, hes bruised my cervix in the past! He couldnt fuck me that hard in this position. PERFECT! Made me cum again, I could feel the fat head of his cock all the way in and all the way out…but NO pressure or feeling like he’s going to break my insides. OMG fuckin awesome. Perfect little clit licker and a huge cock fucking me perfect. The bull came WAY inside me so cuck would have to work for it. Loved that!
Cuck then spent the next hour eating a huge creampie and licking my ass while I masturbated.
After all that, I needed my strap fix. Usually, I dont fuck a cuck…but last night I was in a mood. So I put him on the table, tied him down, and fucked him well with my own cock. I didnt want him to cum quick and hadnt allowed release at all for him throughout the evening. Now…I wanted a supreme orgasm from him and got it.
I wanted to get fucked in my ass…but I will have to save that for another event. Absolutely a perfect evening.

 [audio:http://missfortunes.blog.com/files/2010/07/01-Do-Me-Good-Amy-Winehouse-Back-To-Black-Pop-192kbps.mp3|titles=01 Do Me Good Amy Winehouse Back To Black Pop 192kbps]


If I could find a cuck like that in real life…I would live it full time. Jesus that was fun!


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