Today, as I deep in relaxation (think: pedicure and massage), I got to thinking about DISCLOSURE and what it means within the Fortunes context. There was a time when I didnt really like lengthy descriptions of fantasies from potential visitors. A time when I felt that too many details read like a script and eliminated the spontaneity of a scenario.


I still feel that way sometimes. Sometimes I get emails that sound so narrowly specific that I struggle to see how my individuality can be honored as a participant in the scene. I’ve also felt that way when a fantasy request is overly detailed in the order of events.. “This happens and then you do this, and then I react this way” doesn’t always work within the timing of a scenario perfectly…and when fantasies are scripted into an order of events ultimately culminating with a climax at a specific time of the scene I will warn you, dont expect the TIMING of events or you will risk ruining your visit by being over focused on checking off a list instead of focusing on the experience. That is still true.

But I’ve noticed a personal evolution…I’ve noticed over the last year of Fortunes…I’m ALOT more interested in the intricacies. I really loathe the many many emails of fantasies from folks who never intend to actually visit. But with my favorite and most frequent players…I’m asking alot more questions. I wanna know what the visual/verbal/environmental/situational nuances are that take you over the edge during masturbation. What are the key fantasies that get you quick in a pinch…you know, your staple mini movies- your “go to” pervy shit that works even when you have the flu and you just wanna squeeze it off to go to sleep. Sometimes those are the dirtiest thoughts possible and those are the ones I’m the most motivated to entice you to disclose. I think I’m less threatened by the deluge of information these days…I’m more prepared to seperate the nuggets of gold from the fodder…and then spin that gold into a visit to paradise.

This is a safe place…