My eyelashes are drying/curing as I write this morning’s post…got me to thinkin, I wonder how many of you wanna learn something today?

Ok Ok…I’m a Perv, not a photographer right?  ANYWAY…these are my favorite eyelashes… RED CHERRY. They are relatively inexpensive $2 at Sunny’s (Baseline and Alma School by Ichi Ban)

I’ve tried 100 different brands over the years and these are just easy and luscious. Alright, notice…I have a collection of different styles~ FIT IS VITAL. Sometimes that means trying 4 until you find THE 1. For those of you who Xdress on the regular, you should be learning how different eyelashes accentuate your face differently and should be matching your theme/outfit with the correct lashes. Length, color, density, spacing ALL suit different time periods/moods/looks…yes it is that important to know your product. And we’re not even talkin about the extreme lashes for true fetish attire, we’re just speaking on daily wear here.

I think what tends to frustrate men and women who try to learn to apply these expertly is the product they are using and not user inability. Not all strip lashes are equals and even within one line of product a bad batch can be found. What makes it a bad batch? Usually the strip or the glue they use to keep them placed in the packaging…that manufacturer glue can be a BITCH if too much was applied during manufacturing. It makes the strip too stiff or sometimes there is extra on the ends…get that off if possible before you start to apply your lash glue. How? I can show you.

I’ve tried about every lash glue and the one I stick with as the best…not the most expensive (I find that is true with alot of makeup and products) so don’t assume you are getting great product just because you spent a grip. Lash Grip is still the best! Just the right consistency~ too thin a glue it wont stay on the cusp of the strip it ends up “running” down the lash itself…too thick it wont “bead” in one stroke the length of the strip AND there is little room for wiggle once applied. Also, this old standby glue doesn’t bother my contacts. By FAR the best thing about LashGrip is that when you want them to come off…they do. Many products I’ve tried have too good a hold, not sure why that’s necessary we’re not gearing for a hurricane and you cant swim in them…    Especially for Xdressers who only play for an afternoon, you want the suckers to come off easily and this glue comes off in a strip, perfect!  Where do you find it? Best yet… Walgreens. Make sure you get the “for strip lashes” in CLEAR. It starts white…dries clear. Yup.

Ok, so now you have your supplies…and you want to try doing it yourself?


Whenever someone comes to me (partygoing friends, dress up bois on the weekends) JUST wanting me to put lashes on before a party I notice it is incredibly difficult to apply lashes that stick…maybe thats why some of the glue out there is like superglue…but even if you put your lashes on last, dont apply any (I MEAN ANY) make up to the lash line please. no eyeliner, foundation, primer, shadow, foundation, powder. As in JACK SHIT. lol. sorry.  All that stuff has creamy base…we’re going to clean dry skin so easy to remove glue works perfectly and the lash can be placed exactly where it looks best. Yup.

One Drop…just a little drop…but a pregnant one on your fourth fingerpad of your user hand. Run that pregnant drop line a bead of weld down the very top of the false eyelah strip. dont touch it and let it dry for about 30 seconds so its ‘tacky’ and then put it on. How? I can show you…

OR you can do it 100 times and become an expert…like I learned. Frankly, for daily use, just practice until you get it perfect. yes, you are going to fuck it up a whole bunch until you get it right…I did too. Yes, you are going to go through a few sets of eyelashes learning… and Yes, you are going to get glue in your eye a couple of times. But, you will learn to be a master at what looks good on you…worth it.

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