I decided to give you all a glimpse into my personal private masturbation material…since you share yours with me on a daily basis…why not right? Ok…I have an entire collection of fantasies. Most stem from certain core scenarios and then branch into hundreds of variations…so as I post my fantasies, you’ll eventually see common themes if I post enough of them often. Be forewarned…these are FANTASIES and not realities.  ALL of my fantasies are power related…and I play different roles in each…but without absolute power or the loss of absolute power, I’m not aroused.

I read in a book somewhere along time ago a story of a slave girl who was insolent and required punishment so she was tied and hung in this fashion:

I dont remember what happened in the book, but in my fantasy I have a whole stable of slaves and I have another girl brought in and force her to slowly lick this girl’s pussy for hours, as instructed, and publicly as daily business is conducted in the chamber throughout the day. Sometimes I fuck the second slave during…most of the time I never get that far before I cum. True story…stay tuned, I think I’ll start sharing the inner workings of an awesome pervert.