Last night, Noir visited and we had a blast chatting about how the last year has changed EVERYTHING. Too much wine later…we crashed LATE. Somewhere in there…a great guy texts me asking to visit today for strapon. I explained I may be late rising this morning as I was visiting with Noir and we set a time for noon.

I wake up late, and find out he’s shopping at a hardware store nearby…waiting for me. OMG. OK…I hustle…and he comes through. Cutie. Tall, handsome, and a COMPLETE gentleman from the south. Yummy. He tells me he wants to see me squirt. OK :) I’d be happy to masturbate until I cum on your face…GET IN THE QUEENING CHAIR IMMEDIATELY! Happy Saturday Mornin to me!

Then, up to the table…and we begin. He’s tiny tiny….no problem. Its super hard for a tiny ass to resist a glass toy, lots o lube, and the Hitachi. Cant resist forever tiny ass….gotcha. We move on to the baby dick I hate wearing….it makes me feel like I have an inadequate cock whenever I have to wear it. Well, fortunately he warmed right up and relaxed. Time for the next graduation…bigger dick. YAY.  He’s tied down to the table, and brave enough for full bondage with a stranger including a blackout hood and blindfold. I double cockringed his dick so he’d really have to work for that orgasm. On to the games.

There really isnt any better feeling for me during a strap session than when I’m inside at a straight on angle, overlubed so its slick, with a fully engorged cock in from of me. I like an eager dick ya know…tells me you like me :) I’m thrusting softly and trailing my fingers up and down his cock…feeling his rim with my fingers as I penetrate a lil deeper….and then I start with the Hitachi….making my cock vibrate in his tiny lil cunt…and thrust harder…a lil deeper. He’s writhing on the table, his cock at max capacity and pulsing. I grab him by the hips and fuck him hard…spanking his ass and flicking his nipples as I thrust. Hes in a fevered moaning frenzy and as I grabbed his well lubed, slick, cock in my hand…he has a tremendous orgasm. Indeed…a great way to start the day.

Then…as hes showering and we are chatting, he begins to ask questions about how he can get his wife to do strapon. She knows he likes anal, she has played with him and a vibrator but she doesnt seem that “into” it. Well I have some advice! This is what I told him:

Buy the gear for her…not for you! It should fit, be made for her body type, and be comfortable. She’s a gal with big hips like me…so the little strap harnesses with the leg straps…not the ticket. I pulled out all the different harnesses I have…and showed him all the differences and why she wont/or will like a particular style. I explained that in order for her to get “into” strap…she HAS to feel sexy wearing the gear and wearing a dick. I explained that although he needs a small dong…he should buy her the next larger size as well so she can feel the power of having a big cock. Thats sexy. I also explained that while it is HIS desire…she needs to feel like shes an active participant…not just doing the activity but OWNING the activity, so he needs to give her lots of verbal affirmations and be VISIBLY enjoying himself (no dead fucks!!!). If they are doing it on a bed…she needs the harness that puts the dick up higher, particularly because his ass is so resistant…if the dong is on a low rise harness, she’ll feel like she’s taking a shot in the dark and it wont reach well. We settled on one brand/model and I told him where to get it. I also explained that if he chooses in the future to go with a bigger, more rigid dong…that she should turn it around, head facing down, before doggy so he doesnt feel sore in his ass from the wrong angle rub. Strapon done well is ALL about the details.

Now…I wonder how many wives have NO idea their husbands like anal stim…at least this guy has a wife he can talk to about it and is semi-receptive. Too many arent and their husbands suffer for it. They wind up forced to choose to ignore a sexual need OR “cheat”. That sucks ladies…pick up your game!

An excellent way to start the day, thanks dude :)