Hey this fitness bootcamp is working eh? It costs me about $500 a month so if you don’t come see me, I can’t pay her…get it?

Yesterday I bought my FOURTH strap on harness. Why? Because I wear them all the time and they wear out. I have looked into buying a more sturdy version online…can’t try them on but here’s what I think will work for ME…someone will no doubt buy it for me…and I’ll trade a session using it for you. Been thinking about making a list of things I need and am willing to trade for…I used to think this was silly but now I realize why ladies do it..no time to shop. You have time to shop, I do not. Busy busy and waiting for shipping kills me.



http://www.extremerestraints.com/strap-ons_36/premium-leather-strap-on-harness_2957.html  extra large

I also bought a HUGE dildo yesterday so now I have dongs that range from my baby dick (which I hate wearing cuz it givs me penis envy) to average, to large, to HUGE…and my very first strapon harness ever actually accomodates this huge dong. YES…

Guess what I get to do today? A 2 hour FUCK TOY session. Oh…YES! Mix in a little bondage, captivity, forced everything…oh I’m in heaven!