Last night I was delayed leaving the spot…several hours due to an unplanned event. So, I went home at 2am and had to be back to the playspace @ 10am. Tired, bitchy, and on time…I arrive with an extra cunt like attitude. Good morning fuckers…hows life?

Now…I have a standing wonderful player every week…you’ve seen him before. This morning, he’s going to be useful instead of just laying around being aroused in tight bondage.  In comes an “extreme humiliation” scenario….Oh this is perfect! I’m cranky, little sleep, and had planned on showering while Bondage Boy was marinating in leather. Its the making of  a first time session activity…DIRTY MISTRESS WORSHIP. WTF is that you ask? Well…thats the humiliating task of cleaning your mistress’s dirty pussy. And…I had sex last night (shut up I need it sometimes!). Holy Shit this should be foul. Tee Hee Hee. Into the chair he goes, and I squirt on his face….cleansing…

Nickname is Cum Bucket….

Hmmmmmm…..whatever else could we do? Well he’s gotten blasted with my cum, Bondage Boy needs a release too!!!!

So….Cum Bucket got his very first cock sucking lesson and drained Bondage Boy completely! Greedy fucker…

Then…I went home and took a 5 hour nap. Happy Friday!


Email from Bondage Boy after:

Today’s session was very fun!  Every session with you is fun.  The more
fun you have, the more fun I have.  And every session has been different.
I would love it if You would exactly repeat any one of them.
Specifically, today, here’s what went on in my head….
First, you ordered me to get naked with an erotic commanding voice.
You had me straight-jacketed, gagged, hooded, and on the table quickly.
As you put the cuffs on my ankles, I thought “Oh no, here comes something
up my ass.  It’s way too soon and I’m not ready.”  But instead you left me
for “other priorities”, and I thought “OK, I agree, and I’m comfortable, so
I’ll just relax.”  Then I heard voices.  Felt something stimulating my cock.
Just try to relax.  It feels very nice.
When you put the nipple clamp on my left nipple, it hurt, as it always does
at first, about a 4 (on a scale from 1 to 10), but then I get used to it, sort of.
My immediate thought was “Get ready for another clamp on my right nipple.”
So I worried about that and got more erect, wondering when (not if) it was
going to happen.  Then came the break.  A long time went by with me
wondering what was next.  The one nipple clamp was still on and getting
very sore.  I wanted it off!  Then you returned and my blow-job continued
with that damn clamp still on.  I thought for sure I was about to get another
clamp put on my other nipple and it aroused me even more.  Taking off
the nipple clamp just as I orgasmed was nice!  The painful pleasure thing
worked with skilled artistry!
Then I waited again.  And waited.  Began wanting out.  Squirmed a bit.
Wondered how much longer.  Worried about it and got aroused again.
Then you came in and wrote something on my legs.  Was it part of whatever
You planned next?  I actually thought perhaps you were doing knife-play
on my legs, or preparing to wax me, shave me, or something.  I was
tired of the position. 
To my surprise, you let me out.  I smiled. 
You stated you had a lot of fun!
I did, too.
And it doesn’t get better than that…just having fun for the sake of having fun!
Thank You!