I’m going to start sharing with you hilarious requests/phone calls I get. Why? To pass on the torture a lil, it’ll make me feel better if you all have to suffer these idiots right along with me. So…new Tag on the Tag Cloud called Funny Requests/Phone Calls.

Today I had the following Text convo:

He: I’m an airline employee/photographer looking to see you in exchange for a roundtrip airline ticket or free professional photoshoot. Please let me know.

Me: Gimmee two tickets and yeah…one ticket gets me somewhere alone :(

He: I understand that I can do that but it’ll have to be great.

Me: Uh…is that a challenge? I’m not hurting for clients…and dont do trades often.

He: Not a challenge at all.

Me: What r u lookin for?

He: I just wanted a quick oil grind something with you grinding on me or me on you with oil like a tease and denial type thing.

Me: ? HUH? Have u been to my websites? A “quick oil grind” thats supposed to be “great”. I’m a PERVERT…into EXTREME fetishes. This sounds like a bodyrub.

He: No bodyrub and I just saw the site and wow! I dont get into all that so I think I’ll pass but thanks anyway.

Me:  Nothin makes me laugh harder than NO budget with HIGH expectations and NO research. Good luck.


NOW, was I hard on him? I dont think so… I’m just being honest! and…

and HE passed?  BOYS R DUMB.  just sayin…