I havent posted in a couple of days, sorry for that but I’ve been very busy! I’ve much news to report!

First, I enjoyed Mistress Storm Kincaid’s birthday party Saturday Night. Fun. I met some of the local pro Dommes for the first time. I recognized immediately what a great group of women I belong to. Honor ALL of them…they deserve it! To this end, since we are becoming a tight knit group- lets discuss no shows for a brief moment. When someone no-shows with one of us, their information is passed between Dommes as a warning of a time waster…this is beginning to work as we “catch” each other’s no-shows for reprimand. Quite hilarious, I’ll let the scumbag go through the entire conversation on scheduling and THEN explain that he has been deemed unworthy and needs to FIX the problem with the Mistress he dissed originally. I might be the only one requiring this step, but it entertains me. You should also know, that I keep track of those who no-show strictly..don’t call me again to schedule. If you can find my phone number to schedule, you can also find it to send me a text to cancel. Simple. If not, I can’t possibly be expected to “understand” when my time is wasted. Mostly, I get irritated when I get excited about a session and they don’t show up. Fortunately, this doesnt happen often but its still something to keep in mind with me. I’m not forgiving on this topic~

Some of you know I started Fitness Bootcamp a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday seriously kicked my ass! I’m hurting today. If you thought I could kick your butt before, watch out now!

I decided to bring the Queening Chair out of hiding. My personal toilet bought it for me and was supposed to be using it exclusively…but he’s been called away on business for an unspecified period of time, and its just screaming at me to be used. SO>>>>> whos going to get in the CHAIR?