Today must be my turn for the Hateration…been getting crazy texts/calls all morning from hater after hater. Oh, except the guy who wants to trade an IPOD and some prescription drugs to fuck me in my ass. Um, No thank you.

So…I think I might need some extra starbucks today just to mindwrap around the sea of calls today:

2:27AM- am I available? I’m drooling on my pillow, but he was nice and I’m probably going to see him in the future.

2:56AM- Text asking me to bend him over for chump change.

3:30 AM- Text from unknown “brittney” Hi

4:37AM- Text “whatcha wanna do?”

5:39AM- Text “who is this”, unsolicited

Restricted- several calls between 3-6AM, I was snoring no doubt

7:43 AM- am I available? I rolled over.

9:06AM- call from a woman saying she got a page from my number. Hmmmm.

10:12AM- Texts saying I’m fat

Ok. So…it must be my turn this morning from the hater club. But some of that sounds like ONE jerkwad using technology to third party.

Just so you have a glimpse into the fun side of being available for your perversions….

and why I’m addicted to starbucks!