I’ve basically taken since last Thursday off… spent most of yesterday at home in the spa @ 95 degrees and misters on above me. Heaven.

Now, today…I’ll be staying at the playspace for a couple days cuz I feel like now I need a vacation from real life. I love my life for this reason. I have a place in real life to go when I feel over kinked and I run back to play after I’m bored with grocery shopping and cleaning my house. PERFECT combination.

This week I plan on investigating whether Verizon broadband is fast enough to stream video so I can avoid having DSL installed at the studio. Once the high speed internet issue is resolved I will be setting up webcams with motion sensors and plan to start streaming interesting things. No…I will never break discretion. Ever. But…when Noir visits and when crazy funny things happen I want to start filming cuz this shit is priceless.

Other To Do items for the week: I must remove that huge Sleep Number bed from the studio and take it home. I need the space at the studio and that bed is HUGE. Guess I’ll be sleeping on the couch when I spend the night but its worth it to make space for a very cool idea.  I’m creating a TRANSFORMATION space to die for.  Last week Noir and I organized all the lingerie, shoes, and hair. This week…installation of vanities and lighting and putting up all the mirrors.

I’m also installing mirrors on the ceiling above the StrapOn table and maybe above the suspension frame, so Y’all can see exactly whats happening. You can thank me later perverts…

Ms. Noir hard at work :)