Its 11AM and I’m just getting up…whats happening dammit! I used to be up @ 8AM everyday…as we head into summer heat I find I’m staying up later and later and getting up later in the morning. Its just too hot in the day to go and do anything anyway…except the pool.

Tonight I’m at the Batcave…until tomorrow @ 5pm. Hope something FUN comes along <evil grin>  I need something unusual today to distract me from watching porn and masturbating all day between appointments.

OH…and an important update. Remember that balloon/inflatable insertable I posted some time ago. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. It truly is only for ass. I put it in my pussy and pumped it up a little…OMG THE PAIN. Not for pussy…unless I’m trying to make her cry. Only a Mas could handle that kind of pain. No balloons for MY cunt!

You can only learn these kinds of lesson through trial and error. ..and boredom. Just saying…