He’s been here before, he knows my expectations. He strips casually and folds his clothes where I indicate. He follows me into my playroom and asks, “where do you want me?” I point to the table and tell him “face up, ass on the end”. He climbs up awkwardly onto the table and blinks at me uncomfortably. “Cant we do this like last time?” he asks. “NO, we cant”.

I buckle his ankle restraints and suspend his legs in the air by the chains. And then…he touched his dick. I realize he is young and nervous, but he knows my rules already and I’m sure he only touched his cock out of  instinct and reassurance. I dont care, it indicates he isnt complying with my rules. I buckle his wrist restraints and attach him to the table fully. “You wont be able to do that again now”.

“I cant cum if I cant touch my cock”, he says. I take that as a challenge. Ok…lets see!

I begin applying a cock ring around cock/balls. “I dont like that”, he says. He’s gagged.

In the end…he is fucked to perfection and has a magnificent cum.

I win!