SO…I’m copying here an email I received a few minutes ago~ its a keeper!

“please mam i need you to fuk me up and show me how dirty fukn sluts are dealt with.i am open for anything.i am not gay,nor am i attracted to guyus butwhen itcomes to pleasure ill take it in the ars it it feels good.i ve fukd my own ass but no one else has ever.i wanna get blown and ass pleasured at once.can you help
?show me real kink notsome dime store version thanks”


Can anyone tell me where this man has gone wrong in his approach?

1. I only fuck intelligent, articulate (look it up foolish), educated men.

2. “I wanna get blown and ass pleasured at once” I’m not that flexible.

3. Notice the last sentence, “show me real kink”, is offered as a challenge. A passive aggressive challenge. No doubt he expects me to respond, “oh yeah? I’ll show YOU some kink fucker”. Um…no thanks. I’ma pass on that good time. Wrong attitude. 

As the Happy Perverts know, anything is possible in FortuneLand…I could and would subcontract the “blow me” portion of the request, IF the request came with just a smidge of humility. A dollup. Just saying.

And now Perverts…you know WHY I decline the vast majority of session requests. Otherwise, no doubt I’d be lickin nutsack, while singin Dixie…as requested, for a dub. Fuck THAT!