to prepare for a long weekend! I’ll be at the batcave ALL weekend until Sun 5pm…and I’m going to keep doing the Strap=a=thon because I have met the COOLEST folks this week. By now you all know I’m not motivated by $…it keeps me available to participate is awesomely kinky behavior…but its not my primary motivation. I LOVE the behavior…and I’ve seriously met the most outrageously¬†fantastic people. I’m hooked!

I need a new strap…this one made it a little more than a month so I’m still consistently needing a new rigging that is durable (snaps, buckles, something!). I’ll be running out to purchase that today or tomorrow I think.

I also need to find a Happy Pervert with a Costco membership for LUBE, CONDOMS, and GLOVES. I swear the staff at my regular haunts probably figure Im a straight hooker for as many as I buy. I need SUPPLY. Help. LOL.

Just dropping a note on my schedule this weekend, and a thank you for being awesome!