I hardly ever drink alcohol…its not very good for me. Two, maybe three, and I’m shitfaced…

BUT…since I was supposed to go to Noir’s last night and ended up falling asleep early (fucking fitness bootcamp 8am!!!)  I didn’t make it. That means that tonight, not only am I going over there, but since she lives across the street from a great bar, where I can walk back and forth as I wish~ I’ma gonna.

Last time (2 weeks ago), I drank a lil too much (3) and passed out for about 15 minutes while my phone was blowin up @130 in d mornin. Apparently I told Noir to answer it and a victim shows up in the early AM hours. Now, sober I’m more molester than most…intoxicated I’m a rough and tumble, pounce on said victim and FUCK kinda girl. This is the kind of experience a true ass man falls in love over.

Yes, I have bootcamp in the morning. Yes, I have several intricate sessions booked tomorrow. AND? I’ve done my homework and my room is clean. I’m goin out dammit.

Now…if you happen to be the victim tonight, watch out~I want IN.