Yeah…as in this guy has been on my calendar for awhile…he emailed me early (see it works!)  from ITALY saying, “hey Holly…I’m going to be visiting Vegas and wanna come see you”…ok!

So I spent today with Italy, who was visiting Vegas for a Poker vacation (left wife at home) and DROVE to Phoenix this morning to visit. That’s flattering. He thought he would last through a 4 hour edging session.So optimistic… he put up a solid effort and I was very very proud of him for lasting 2.5 hours of constant tending. We all know how much I love these sessions…

Bondage+Strap+Edging= I’m in the ZONE.

So…When is Sweden coming? or wait…when is JAMAICA cumming????? Oh lawd yes!

3/5/11- email from Italy:

I just wish to let you know that my last gambling week has been quite more lucky and I won something like 1.5k dollars. At the end my loss/win balance has been slightly towards winning, so I could say I’m happy about this.
And I always wish to thank you for the amazing experience. I hope to plan another trip in a few months and come again in Phoenix. I think we’ll have to explore some more perversions 😉

Take care