Last year I posted my Year In Review right on the website since I hadn’t created this space yet. My O My what a lot of changes in a year huh? 2010 brought…

*This Blog was created…I NEED an outlet to talk to you…I just need it. This blog tells folks who I am, what I do, what I stand for, and how I think. In turn, this blog gives you an opportunity to give me feedback. I dont filter the comments here. I originally thought this would be a great forum for you to leave me constructive critisism and general feedback after visiting. I didnt realize that this blog would become such a community from across the country. WOW, you guys ROCK!!

*Noir and I started hanging out this time a year ago…the single most important event of 2010. Why? Because with that friendship came an invaluable source of fun/entertainment/information/brain storming/venting/shopping/laughing/and sisterhood. Not a day goes by that I dont talk to Noir…I simply cannot imagine what this last year would have looked like without her and I’m not planning any years in the future sans Mistress Noir!

*I became thoroughly addicted to Strap On fun. At this point…we all know I’m hopelessly and incurably addicted right? I was a bit worried that it would get old, especially when doing 10 sessions in a day…but I now know for sure, I will NEVER get tired of strap. LOVE IT!!!

*I┬árented a great captivity space, outfitted it, and then didnt get to fulfill the vision and had to move out due to the landlord’s drug usage and overly visible legal problems. Lesson: spend a lil extra time assessing future landlords for tweeker behavior in the future. I would LOVE to find another space perfect for captivity…was such an awesome project and an equally awesome disappointment.

*While my playspace seems to be getting smaller with all the additional equipment, I’m happy to be in the same spot for 2 years now, stable and happy is the way to be. Maybe this year I’ll move to a more central location…but its hard to beat a stable spot with NO DRAMA even if it does seem a bit smaller these days. I have no plans to live/work in the same space. Noir and I were looking for a big house…but in retrospect, I prefer safety to convenience. Call me crazy….

*I enjoyed supporting the local Domme circle with the Bad Boy List…there is GREAT FUN in calling silly boys on their No Show behavior…

*Fortunes Favorites/Happy Pervert Club showed me a spectacular year. I have some of the most terrific “friends”…I learn from them all the time and you guys keep a smile on my face! Thank you a whole heepin pile! Dont think for a second I’m not grateful, I recognize what a lucky bitch I am every time I see you!

What’s on the Agenda for 2011?

Boobs…still debating implants, not sure I want that extra top heavy weight…but the boobs are happening!!

Videos…need to gather some better equipment, but I wanna do a few more vids, that’s fun stuff!

Schedule…I’m going to stick to a schedule so I can have a personal life. WHAT? yep…I dont think I’m giving my best on the 10th session of the day…so, I’m going to limit the number of sessions per day and get a life. NO WAY. yep…and I’m going to have sex sometime this year. Real sex. Where I’m the girl. NO WAY. Indeed! It is time for me to stop being so ridiculous about this. I’m never going to get a life if I’m @ the playspace with my own dick all day.

Back to Bootcamp…I have 3 more pant sizes to lose. Its been a long tough battle to lose 300+ pounds and I like the way I look now. Just the final touches…and I’m done. I’ve maintained for a long time…its time to quit smoking and finish. Anyone who says they cant…hears themselves say it and believes it. Thats not me. I believe I can do anything and have proven myself correct time and again.

Happy New Year!!! Cant wait to see what you all have in store for me this year…bring it on.