All the time I spend here, being transparent, being vulnerable to scrutiny. Worth it, when someone reaches out and says,

 “I  feel like I kinda know you maybe its cause you throw it out there with what seems like disregard.(i’m me like me hate me this is what you get) you’re very empowering in this regard… I have an issue and would like some advice.”

What an amazing compliment. Hope I helped. And now its official…I’m turning into the Kinky Dear Abby!!

And, my new penpal made  a good point…I need to be more understanding of why all you married perverts arent commenting on my blog. You have built in parole officers at home. No, I’m joking…but I do know that many of you visitors arent trying to leave a techno snail trail behind. Thats OK…you could just send me good energy, thats the best currency anyway!