I had invited my Monday guy back for some personal time last night…OMG what fun! Nice big cock, uber happy to see me, eager eager eager. I used my queening chair to establish who is going to be having fun…personal time=my fun is always FIRST.¬† He was a good boy and licked my pussy soft and nice how I like it, sucked on my clit just right. Perfect. But…I needed something specific which is why he was invited back…I made him fuck me with MY OWN cock, plug me with MY OWN butt plug and watch me masturbate until I came and squirted hard.

Only then did I thoroughly molest him with my toys and dick…a perfect evening. Tested out some junk toys from EBAY (not always reliable gear I’m finding!)…and satisfied my greedy pussy for a minute. Good night to Holly, I slept well!

Then I woke up this morning with my assistant shoving a cup of coffee in my face and reminding me I was booked by someone important¬†@ 930. Oh Shit. Ok. Smoke….Coffee…Smoke. Shower. Hi New Pervert, nice to meet you.

Turns out, this guy takes a fist like a work of art. I’ve had an incredible morning…I got to fist a man to orgasm twice in one hour. Perfect Morning!

I need to go buy a lottery ticket today. Super good past 12 hours. I need a nap. Love you Happy Pervert Club…its a good life.