12:30 A.M. I receive this text while @ home sleeping (I didnt fix his grammer, this is it):

He: Can I see you

Me: What day/time

He: Is it to late

Me: I live an hour from my studio, by appt

He: Now just finished working

Me: That response didnt make sense. I do not live and play in the same place. If u want to visit me u need to make an appointment.

He: Whr u at just for 20 or 30 min

Me: ?

He: Wht side u live

Me: Again ?

He:I saying u dont do at ur home

Me: No I dont, I have rooms of equipment, Im not living there. I hang there overnight on Wed nights but otherwise I go home @ night.

He: So I just mist you wow

Me: Again… Im Avail BY APPOINTMENT

He: I was just looking for NOW

He: Wht about ur home no?

Me: Oh Absolutely. A stranger @ 1230am coming to my HOME in another county. Yup…thats happening. Seriously? For REAL?

He: I just called u

Me: U miss my point. Good night.

He: no now?

Me: Do u not understand? I’m in bed @ home and not available. Make an appointment. Now, I”M SLEEPING SO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.


Whats the moral to this story? Glad you asked…  lets see

1. I dont visit with idiots

2. I’m not getting out of bed and driving into town in the middle of the night unless its Hitachi, BB, Noir, or someone fucking important and they are on fire or some other emergency is occurring. DUH.