I went to a lifestyle party last night, my first community lifestyle event. I could post a LONG story of this evening, but I’m thinking…since most of it wouldnt be positive, I’m going to skip that! However, from this party I met 3 very interesting people. One of which…I’m totally going to visit with again. Cool dude…

So during conversation at this party, someone shared with me their misperceptions about men who enjoy strapon. I was slightly shocked at some of these so I decided to dispell some~


Men who enjoy StrapOn are:

  1. Unattractive Men
  2. Only can get SO if they pay
  3. Are gay but unwilling to accept it

We’ll stick with those three for this blog. REALLY? Do we REALLY think this way?


In my limited, yet vast, experience with men who love strapon…some distinct characteristics have presented themselves. While these may not apply to every individual…trust me, these are truths. I see a cross section of strap lovers and there most definitely are some common denominators.

Most of the Men I see for Strap On are:

  1. Attractive! In fact…sometimes its difficult NOT to molest them completely. Certainly not all are…but the majority are.
  2. Educated Upper Middle Class to Working Class- true this may be more a function of having the resources to seek Pro services…but still, these men are highly functioning individuals.
  3. Do NOT want to be “dominated” by a bitchy, cunty, narcissistic provider. Most report that they go along with that bullshit because the pro dommes are usually the only providers doing strap. They take the bad to get the good. Maybe this is why I’m so busy, cuz I’m just a horny perverted gurl with a dick. Just saying…
  4. 25-55 in years- a few younger and a few older, but I see the spectrum in age. The younger generations have less stigma on the “gay” issue. They know that female partners=hetero no matter what you are doing.
  5. Married/With partners- the VAST majority are in happy heterosexual partnerships that lack this essential element in their relationship. Almost all want to have guiltfree, worryfree liberating sex. SAFE sex. I dont know of any safer sex than strap…  Many have considered escorts but are more concerned with negative consequences to their spouse. These are considerate, loving individuals. Compare that to the “hobbyists” who have sex with escorts and then go home….whos the sex crazed, irresponsible bunch?
  6. Its all about the FEELING- most are not coming to me to see the visual of a chick with a dick. Some do…mostly from watching porn I’m sure (not hating, you know I watch too much myself). The majority love the feeling, simply. Prostate stimulation is addicting, awesome. Has absolutely JACK SHIT to do with being gay.
  7. Pay to get the best- most of the men I see are willing to pay for strap for AWESOME sessions. They report watching the ads/websites and really doing their homework to find someone awesome at it. They are patient to find the real deal, and I find them to be almost pessimistic after experiences with women who arent into strap, but only doing it for the $. When they find me…I hear ALL the time that there is a huge difference when she LOVES it. Well baby…Im uber into it! Many tell me that they were introduced by a long ago girlfriend and have searched high and low since to find a woman who can fuck them properly and awesomely. Most report it is damned near impossible to find a girlfriend/wife who will even participate in ANY ass play, let alone be a certifiable expert. THATS why they pay for it. To get the BEST. That makes perfect sense to me.

So…can we please replace this image of a greasy, gross, weak guy with the truth: attractive, educated, financially/emotionally stable, thoughtful/prudent, heterosexual, high sex drived guy? Yup…I’m beginning the REVOLUTION!~

Happy Sunday