Ok…so I know men pretty well. But even the great One…has her days. I’m scratchin my head tonight…

Had 5 fun sessions today, fairly typical day. And I was supposed to have a “blind” (he’s known by a friend) date tonight.  All 5 sessions showed up on time with BELLS on. Date…no showed. America….WHERE IS THE LOGIC HERE????? (sidenote: Did I just have a Bernie Mac moment?)

So, we’re just going to call this… Hug a Moron Day and start celebrating it monthly.

If anyone actually remembers this August 13th, and schedules their session on that day…you will be rewarded greatly. Remind me…I want to Honor this retard’s loss with your outstanding orgasm. I win!

UPDATE: Right…I’m a Tard! Read the comments, but I’ma add them here too!

Mindphuk posted:

“if by chance you were talking about me, i didnt show because a Goddess forgot to txt me our meeting place. in her defense she did have a very long day.”


I Responded:

“Listen…I cannot be held responsible for my own mistakes! LOL
Fuckery…it got stuck in Draft!
Sidenote: I did make a few extra bucks for the boobjob fund in your absense”.

Miss Fortunes…has had a bitchy DIVA moment. It is possible.