So I’m running around this morning looking for size 14 heels…think I found any? Not…

Turns Out I didn’t need them, he really only needs 11 wide probably. New Fortunes Pervert…I’m quite happy he found me. Cool kinky guy. Sexy as hell in MY boots (shhhhh….I totally let him wear my best boots and they looked HOT on him). Crazy I know, but shit I just cant follow the rules.  I cant wait to start shopping for him. FUN!

I have other news to report. Yesterday, I was hanging out…kinda busy but spaced enough where I didn’t feel pressed. My phone rings…its a text, a PICTURE text…oh my GOD. White guy, shaved bald, younger, Hulk muscles, tattoos everywhere, SERIOUSLY HOT!!  Let me repeat that…um, FUCKIN HOT. That was the longest prostate massage session of my life. I almost didnt let him leave. I’d like to keep him…in the basement with the others. Oh MY…good times!

And…he called me today and wants to be “friends”. Delicious!