Ok, you all know I tell it how it is, even if its unpopular…I’ma say it. Here goes:

Ive never been to this bar…but had heard its alternative oriented…so what the hell go check it out, right? Whoa Nelly!

The place is a dirt hole bar, my favorite kind! You could find anything there…horny men, sexy TSs, horny sexy TSs, and a cute little drag show. I love all things seedy…so this little bar was a hit for me. However…

 I thought the open TS prostitution was a little sad. These girls are givin too much for WAY too little…and the guys roaming around had that glazed over look you see at seedy swinger clubs. My straight date  was groped in the bathroom (he prolly liked it lol). All in all…a perfect experience, maybe twice a year when you are lookin for a good show.

As far as “Crossdressing Night Out” happening at this bar~ Maybe…but only if my crossdressing date wanted a low-end, risk taking adventure. While the crowd is alternative friendly… the ventue is a dirty little bar…so if my date wants to show off some skin, yes. Any actual play…this isnt the place unless I personally supervise all condoms all the time (that goes for everywhere all the time, but here I think I would want to see 2 condoms, seriously).


I would like to find a more upscale version of the same playful anything goes crowd…



My date for last night, a brave Blog Fan…was a GREAT guy. Way too much fun, great sense of humor, smart…took good care of me and was a complete gentleman. A pervy complete gentleman…the best kind! I have the best blog fans…so far, almost everyone I’ve met from here has been cool ass folks!