Yes, I’ve gotten ALOT of calls from your third party forwarding/paging/texting. You know what else I’ve gotten? Well, since you chose to text all those escorts and have them call me….I’ve made cool new connections with some hotties who wanna work with me. Sorry, but I’m a lemonade kinda girl. So…while you are spinning your wheels of hate, I’ll be sippin on some sweet pussy lemonade. I’ll toast to you! For without you, I wouldn’t have met some of these women. Without you, I wouldnt have had contact with several ProDommes in the area who are now new members of our happy ProDomme clan. Good work Hater! Couldnt have done it without you. Now, if you could just work your hating magic and have all the male escorts call me, I could arrange a huge FuckFest.

Obviously you dont know me very well, thanks for all the contacts!