I must get this posted before I read Mistress Noir’s posting on her blog of the same event….its a race. I didnt look over there yet…want to post it pure.

Dammit…I checked. I lost the race lol …. Noirs posting

Noir tells me she needs me for a session…a few days in advance. I’ve been busy so I didnt pay too close attention. She reminds me…yes yes I remember. What’s the setup again?

Cute couple, late 20s/early 30s… they have an active (very!)  sex life and reported to Noir to be in a semi-open relationship. However, she is frustrated that although he is free to have side action..he’s not always honest about it (or perhaps he’s too frisky??) and she needed pointers from us to help. OK! no problem…  thats about all I knew before the session.

So here they come…first order of business? Get him in a chastity device and show her how to use it! So…he stood on a low table with all three of us women around him inspecting his package for sizing. We then showed her how to install it and locked him in. Awesome…now we can have some fun!

I tied him to a bench where he would be able to see everything but not be allowed to touch his cock…nor could he have an erection with the CB6000 on. He didnt seem completely enthused about his situation and we ignored his protests. Next…we hear that she likes to be spanked and tied up. PERFECT.

So…in plain view of her boyfriend, who was helplessly tied to a bench feet away, we tied her up and played with her mercilessly until she begged for it to end. After toying with her to my satisfaction, we freed him to play with her too. Oh fun.

Then…she wanted to learn how to perform a prostate massage. There are instructional visual aids in the space so we went through the process verbally…and then we secured him so he couldnt wiggle away from all three of us. Tee Hee Hee, three women in one ass (no not at once it was his first time), I’m pretty sure she got a working knowledge of  what to do at home. Now…she can lock him up when he’s traveling and she can drain him good so he wont be so quick to stray. Perfect!

I wonder if  she’ll come for more of her own therapy… see boys…bondage and forced orgasms are good for everyone!  Gift certificates will be available by Christmas. OMG…wait thats a good idea.