Now that I got that off my chest we can move on to way more fun stuff. Going to a Tea function with the ladies today…I’m hoping I can introduce an idea for a community party. We need more party functions for the Happy Pervert Club…I wanna see those panties in public boys!

Going to spend the night at Noir’s Lair to play…hoping for some fun victim to fall into the spiderweb :)

All kinds of cool toys being delivered this week. I found an awesome vibrating butt plug, new restraints, corsets, dildos, all waiting for delivery. I wait.

Still havent used the new hogtie….

Last night I went to the Pointe Hilton forĀ a strap call. Funny guy. He sounded like a total redneck on the phone, southern type accent. He’s from Florida, cool dude. He told me something I thought about all night. He said he keeps his accent because people automatically lower their expectations of him (thinking he’s a dumbass) and so he doesn’t have to work as hard to exceed their expectations, thereby always excelling. There is some truth to this. I’ve always said that people rise to our level of expectation. Expect more, human beings always strive to meet it. Expect less, we really only shoot to meet the goal. This guy has found a way to manipulate folks passively into lowering their expectations so he’s always deemed a superachiever. I find that…hilariously brilliant,

And so, this story just goes to show you…I meet the coolest (and lamest) people in this business. Yes, I could have simply done the session and split…but instead I ended up in a political/worldview discourse for an hour with a cool cat I would never ordinarily come into contact with. I love my life.