Can anyone (Regulars)  remember ME cancelling an appointment at the last minute…anyone at all, in the past year? ONE of you…and it happened yesterday.

 I was talkin to a Happy Pervert Club member about this yesterday and I did reschedule once with him….months ago. But I’ve never CANCELLED an appt outright due to an emergency before. What an AWFUL feeling…

With discretion always being a priority…I fear one of you not getting a message, travelling to the batcave…and me not being there, you feeling stood up. SO….I just dont ever cancel and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Well, yesterday, it finally happened and let me tell you I dont like it. I feel that I inconvenienced a great guy and must figure out how to assure him I’m not a flake.

I cant contact him…discretion is always first.

 SO…Give me your ideas on HOW I can do that? Gimme solutions!