While I receive one daily, in the past 3 days I’ve had 9 requests for “personal time”.

“Hey Holly, can we be “friends” and “hang out”? I really like you and think yer hot!”

“Can I take you out sometime?”

“I just wanted to hit that nice fat butt from behind real quick.” -Direct quote from a text today.

Ok, we ALL know I’m not an escort…so what makes anyone think that my PERSONAL time is cheap? By the time you are done buyin me dinner and makin me the highlight of your evening…right.

There has been an occasion for someone to transfer to Personal Time. Wanna know how?


2. The right attitude- doesnt assume anything.

3. I’m attracted and would choose to spend my personal time no matter what context we met. I dont fake…I dont lie…I dont cheat…I dont smile for $ either.

Any Questions?

I’m going to dinner tonight with a Personal Time transfer…and then I’m probably going to be my nastiest self. He’s met the above criteria…and did it the right way (style, flair, swagga).

No exceptions!