Ok…I’m sure you’ve read on here that the local Pro Dommes meet once a month. This month its Sunday the 25th and its a POOL PARTY @ a Pro’s house. So, you KNOW there will be nudity and bad behavior cuz we’re fun chicks. This month the demonstration is Sounding and all the Pros in attendance will be participating/observing the demo. Why am I telling you this? Because I had a brilliant idea the other day….one of many brilliant ideas I have everyday!

I receive calls all the time from SERVICE minded individuals…wanting to clean, do errands, and serve drinks during parties. I dont ever have a use for this in general because those who clean my space are those I TRUST and know. BUT…the monthly meetings…need service.

So here’s the gig~ we need BBQ/food prep, drinks made, general service for this month’s pool party. We also will likely need boy entertainment…like watching sexy assed naked men bring me my drink and fan me while I tan. And of course we need volunteers for the demo every month. Imagine doing a sounding session with most of the Pro Dommes watching! Intense. Next month…a different demo, every month a different demo.

The Silent Auction~ so you can send an email to Noir, Storm, Bridget, or Myself and bid to be a server/demo volunteer. Your offer will not be discussed with others. The TOP 5 bids, will earn the honor of serving ALL of us the whole day. The proceeds of this will, in turn, fund next month’s meeting. Remember, you are serving the GROUP of us…and Each of us as Individuals. If you are not in the top…try again! Each month will be different…except you will always get to hang out with the coolest women in town doing whatever we ask. Yup. You know me…I’m already thinking up no good for you situations :)

We have lots of creative ideas on how to fill our time entertaining ourselves with YOU on display.